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My Bio

My name is Ria Vos and I live in “Holland” a.k.a. the Netherlands.
My husband and I were lucky to have 3 children, one boy and two girls. And for 4 years ago I became a grandmother of a beautiful boy.

When a colleague, who was a line dancer, asked me to come to her club when they started a new beginner class, I discovered line dance, this was back in 1996 I believe.

About 12 years ago I became a teacher with 3 evening classes from beginner to advanced. Almost every week I teach a new dance.
Every 6 weeks I organize a workshop for other teachers, teaching 10-12 new dances from different choreographers and various levels. People can pick the dances they think are suitable for their own classes to teach.

I started choreographing when I was looking for beginner dances with certain steps I needed to learn at that moment. Couldn’t find one, so I wrote it myself. I was actually surprised the students liked it. Even now I still use the dance and my Intermediates join in… so this gave me confidence in writing some more.
I’m really very grateful I can say now that my dances are being looked at and that some of them become “hits”.

Some of my hit dances that you might have heard of are Sister Kate (the dance it all started with), Ay Amor, Make You Sweat, Calypso Mexico, Bittersweet Memory, Go Seven, Move A Like, Language of the Heart, Dance Again and more recent hits like Hurt Me Carefully, No Mans Land and WOW Tokyo…

And then I have won a Crystal Boot Award for “International Choreographer of the year” 4 years in a row, “International Instructor of the year” 2 years in a row and several dances have won Awards too, “Bittersweet Memory” won the Dance of the Year Award and just this january “WOW Tokyo” also was chosen as Dance of the Year.

A filled dance floor with people enjoying one of the dances I wrote…. can’t describe this wonderful feeling. As long as I can give dancers some pleasure with my choreographies, I am inspired and this will keep me writing new dances for you.

I am being invited on international events all over the world, so I hope to meet you somewhere on the dance floor soon!

Ria xxx (3 kisses= Dutch custom :-)
May 2015